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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Nina by Nina Ricci - A fragrance for one who loves the sweetest of things

Nina by Nina Ricci is a yummy, fresh fragrance, concentrated in apple scents. It combines very sweet blends of all the types of apples you can imagine!
Think all the kinds of green and red apples and add a hint of sweet candy-like scent...

On application, the top notes feel overpowering but immediately these sink to its natural light notes and cling on for many hours, making the need for top ups less frequent or not needed at all.

This is one fragrance that will generally be likeable by all women - particularly those who favour sweet scented scents.

I like this perfume because it suits any occasion, any mood and any age...And it avoids all the floral scents (which I'm not a huge fan of).
It almost seems to play with your olfactory senses throughout the day, which can bring one's mood up a notch =P

The mini bottle is handy for top ups. You cannot spray it on but you're able to rub it between your wrists and apply it wherever you want. One small blob of the lotion's scent lasts the entire day.


Ashi said...

mmm yummy! this is yone my best friends favourite perfume, always reminds me of her!

Sarah Bint Muhammad said...

asalamu alaikum. I have this perfume, although I can't say I like the smell, It certainly is an eye-catching bottle!

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