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Saturday, 25 August 2012

DKNY Perfume review

(I got this perfume on the boxing day sale last year a Harrods! Didn't get round to blogging about it. So here we go.)

When I was about 11 or 12 years of age, I didn't wear or own any perfumes. One day as I was flicking through a women's fashion magazine, I saw a perfume sample from the DKNY perfume pictured above. I smelt it and I remember being so intrigued that I kept the sample with me so that one day, when I can afford to and when I'll be mature enough, I can buy this fragrance.
That day was one of the few days which slowly paved my way into my fascination with scents.

I remember capturing the scent in my head each time I smelt the sample so that I won't forget it. It's a very friendly smell, for all ages, for all women. Not too strong, not too light. It's my perfect blend of sour citrusy elixir. Sharp crisp top notes, sour tangy middle notes and light gentle base notes...
I would replay this over and over again.
 It doesn't cost a fortune and the scent is simple yet still continues to captivate me as it did in the past. It's so summery and I love wearing this in the summer, but also during winters because I feel like I'm still carrying part of the summer season with me.

The first time I got this perfume was several years later. I already lost the perfume sample by then but I remember sampling different scents at Boots and then stumbling on to this and it was then that I was brought back to memory lane, back to the day I first smelt the sample. I immediately got the fragrance. And since then, I've been restocking. This is my latest addition after another empty bottle of the DKNY fragrance. 
I just love it!

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Cammiii said...

I need to try this perfume!

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