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Friday, 29 October 2010

Bangalore Express - A Modern Indian Cuisine

'Dinner at Bangalore Express...'
Light, Modern, Healthy...a new Blend of Indian Cuisine!

So today I had dinner at Bangalore Express situated in Waterloo. Not my first time at the restaurant (I actually have been there a couple of times before!) but since I now have a blog... I thought, why not review it?

Enter the restaurant and you see a light, comfortable, relaxed atmosphere coupled with a modern classical beat and loud chats around you. Someone attends to you almost immediately at the door and finds you a table.

Here are some snapshots of parts of the restaurant (I took them in a hurry so they're blurry and ... not the greatest).

What I didn't like however was the dim lighting. Now, I've no problem with dim lights, but this restaurant was way too dim! Maybe you'll see what I mean from the foods' pictures...

This is their bar section in the restaurant.

This is another section showing their cool seating area involving one climbing a ladder to their table to dine in. I've climbed that ladder last year....twice! =P

'Any poppadoms for starters?'

'Yes, one portion please. Thanks!'

Crispy, not so salty as other poppadoms... a great light starter. Not sure what the dips are but... from the top: the yellow dip is sweet (almost tastes of mango), the orange dip (tastes like paprika?) is my favourite - I like the little bits in it even though I'm not sure what they are, and, the red dip is also sweet, has a strange peculiar taste (my least favourite...).

The menu - my order was ticked off conveniently.

The side dishes:

Chilli fries and...

...2 portions of garlic naan bread.

My verdict: The chilli fries were crispy, not too hot...although I don't think these were anything special. If you have tried Nando's Peri Peri chips, you might find these ordinary compared. The naan bread are worth ordering - crispy in some bits, soft in the right bits, already cut into quarters for you.

'May I have the lamb jalfrezi with Roast Aubergine Salad & Pilau Rice please?'

'Um... for me...I would like...the chicken breast jalfrezi with sweet potato mash and mushroom rice.'

'Hmmm... may I please, have the...chicken breast, with low fat medium curry (yes this is my plate...) and potato masala mash...and finally...mushroom rice too. Thanks.'

My verdict: Filling, healthy, tasty, a great mix of everything. As I'm fussy with meat, I'm impressed with the chicken as always. No red bits, cooked thoroughly, soft and fine. For a low fat curry, this is delicious...

'And for me, I would like to have the chicken breast with spinach and tofu, with some pilau rice.'

Bangalore is a new blend of dishes, mixing traditional and modern Indian cuisine. It sure does appeal to lot of people. For this reason, they have opened another branch and are getting more popular. Also, they have raised their prices!

However, if I were to be honest, this isn't one of my favourite restaurants. As healthier as this tastes compared to traditional Indian cuisine... traditional cuisine almost always wins with me because I always find them more unique, and also more simple and tasty. And I also like eating food with a history, an original origin...

But the food overall was delicious. They have added more to their menu now...
It's good news for those who want Indian food without the grease or saltiness.

1 comment:

Darren said...

I wen to the one at Waterloo once, lovely food, the red dip is a spicy beetroot, I loved it, you can buy it in Asda :)

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