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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Elle & Marie Claire Giveaways!

I got these magazines today...
Normally I do get Elle & Vogue together. However, Marie Claire's free nail polish was hard to resist!

I have tried both products, which is why I'm posting this today (yes, I know, I couldn't wait to try them on the same day... >.<...). Anyway I hope you'll find them useful and decide whether you want to get these magazines too to try them out!

Marie Claire's Ciate Paint Pots

The one I chose is Dangerous Affair 013. It's a deep shiny rich ruby colour. Now I think (this is just my opinion!), if you have a fair - medium skin tone, this colour might not suit you... I find it too harsh against lighter skin tones. Hence the only reason why I didn't like this colour! However, if you have a dark skin tone...this would be amazing and is well worth a try. Do get the magazine as it is much cheaper compared to buying the nail polish alone.

The brush is very manageable and soft. You can feel that this is well built compared to other nail polishes.

Does this compete with O.P.I nail polishes?
YES. It certainly does. I would say it's as good, if not better, than O.P.I.
The quality is satisfyingly amazing. It doesn't leave those visible streak marks a lot of nail polishes leave. You nail looks very well made, as if you've just gone to the salon! Of course, saying this...this also needs to be applied with care! I noticed it does dry up pretty quickly, so try practising getting it right on the first strokes.

Nails feel glamorous indeed.

This comes in 2 colours from Marie Claire. Get yours this month and check it out for yourself.

Oh, and before I forget... look at the bottle. Cute or what? Liking the design and the little bow. Seems very chic, don't you think? Also, I liked the consistency of this polish. It wasn't too runny nor was it too thick...which made it easy to apply neatly (compared to other polishes).

Elle Magazine's Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss

I've been using this superbalm for years now. I usually get mine from Clinique Bonuses (I am a loyal Clinique fan!).
However, I got this anyway because I was curious about its colour. It seemed darker to what I usually apply. Notice that, a lot of colours seem to be plum (trend?).

This was okay for me.
It moisturises well and stays on your lips for a long time. It has a semi-thick consistency so even after you eat or drink, you can feel it lingering on your lips, which is good.

The colour, plum, yet again made me undecided. I think (my opinion again!), like the nail polish, this lip gloss is well suited for dark skin tones and might be seen as too harsh on lighter skin tones (you could always apply a tiny amount to lighten up the ruby-ness). But everyone has their own taste so if you like bolder colours, go for this.

If I had to pick one magazine's product out of the 2, it would have to be Marie Claire's, simply because Elle's is a sample sized product and if you're a Clinique fan like I am, then just wait for their bonuses and get this lipgloss from there.

Elle Magazine's Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss - 7.5/10
Marie Claire's Ciate Paint Pots - 9/10 (Note: I have only used this polish today and feedback does not include how long it lasts or if it chips easily (or not!)).

Ciate Nail Polishes have an exclusive offer until 18th December 2010. They're giving 15% off total orders when you shop online at
Just enter the code CIATEMC

1 comment:

Ebanehita said...


I got this nail varnish.... and its the best ive ever used! It goes on soooo nicely

Only downside is ive seen more than 5 other ladies with strikingly similar shades... ha! many people have the nail varnish but its still so so good.

the colour reminds me of...vampires, like twilight. its a powerful colour lol

with topcoat it can last a week! and more!

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