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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Can't get enough of L.U.S.H.....!

My day started off at...
...Cafe Nero.

Earl grey tea in the morning can be more refreshing than coffee - test it out for yourself.

I bumped into this piece of art work: a huge magnet with lots of pennies on it - cool!

My piece of art.

Then I got treated to L.U.S.H =)
So here's my haul...
(Note: I have not tried any of these Bath products yet. I will review them in a later post. These are mostly new products just out).

Space Girl

If you like grapefruit, mild sweet scents, a lovely purple bath & a Saturn shaped bath bomb ... be sure to try this out. This was inspired by a song about a girl's adventures through the cosmos.

See the Space Girl bath bomb below? To its right, is one of my favourite - the Sex Bomb. To the left is Mrs Whippy (this smelt like caramelised sugar intially...)

No Name (...?)

I cannot remember the name of this bath bomb. Looked through the Lush website too. If anyone knows, do leave a comment! Anyway, I like this scent... apples, citrus... so refreshing. Great for mornings.

Dragon's Egg

Lemon & bergamont sum up the scent of this bath bomb. This is absolutely amazing... if only scents could last, I'd stock up a few and pile them in my drawers!
You can watch the dragon egg hatch into life here. I'm sure the video will convince you =P.
Lush describes this as a 'dragon egg' which hatches into life in the bath, swirling around in orange (representing fire) colours. Popping candy pops in the bath, followed by glitter swirls...
A must have.


Again - amazing bath bomb. Lovely scents! I think this is a Halloween edition bath bomb, so get yours now before it goes away. This is heavily concentrated on the citrus scents, particularly lime, with a hint of spicy notes in it. I can feel this almost bursting of scents and surprises.

Lady Catrina

I got another one of Lady Catrina (stocking up before it goes out of stock after Halloween). This is my favourite soap of the season!

See the awesome purple soap? That's Lady Catrina. If only it wasn't so expensive, I'd have bought the whole thing! A must have soap this autumn.

The Joy of Jelly

For those of you following my blog, you will know how much I like the bath bomb called Sex Bomb. This shower jelly smells like the sex bomb! I had no idea this was in store for a long period of time until a Lush staff asked me what scents I was into...then she introduced me to this. Can't wait to see how it is ...

For those wondering how I store this - I usually refrigerate so it can be preserved well and keep its natural shape.

And the orange soap you see is also from their new range. Though on first impressions, I think it looks better than it smells. It smells of light orange/citrus (as you can guess), though the scent was too weak - so I wasn't convinced of getting one.

And finally, for those of you wondering how I store my Lush goodies... well... I put most of them in a sandwich bag! I find that containers take too much space (so I only store a few products in containers). And yes, I do have a lot of Lush goodies, so a sandwich bag is the most convenient and cost effective way!

All products will be reviewed out of 1-10 in a later post.


Ebanehita said...


the dragons egg was amazing

thats it! im going to lush! Do they have much nice shower stuff?

sounds like a real treat =D

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

^.^ you should head there! Just give a few products a go and see what you think...

They have loads of shower stuff too - Shower gels (smell the Snow Fairy, Olive tree branch and Happy Hippy), Shower jellies (the joy of jelly smells v.nice but im not sure it's everyone's taste. Sweetie Pie is very nice), Soaps (try Rock Star, Honey I washed the Kids & definitely Lady Catrina), Shower Scrubs (try Sugar Babe to start with) & they also have Emotibombs (though I have tried a few of these and wasn't too keen...I don't think it's worth the money!)

The Lush staff are always helpul though ^.^ so they'll show you all the products in action (the staff at Regent st .. I find them the most useful. They sometimes show you the bath bombs in action!)

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