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Friday, 1 October 2010

Lush's New Shampoo Bar

Yes! This is what the shampoo bar is actually called - 'New Shampoo Bar'. Whether they ran out of names or just decided to randomly name this shampoo bar 'New'.... I'm not sure how the naming process happened...

Anyway, this is the shampoo (bar) I'm sticking with. I've tried just about every shampoo bar at Lush (remember: I am a Lush junkie >.>...refer to my previous posts). I like the scent. Very minty, menthol smelling bar. If you're into peppermint scents, this is wonderful. Most bars have a twig of cinnamon added to them (you can sort of see this in the picture) to add a twist to the scent.

Reasons why this is my favourite shampoo:

- Treats hair loss. So those of you suffering from it will benefit.

- Strengthens hair - something I have noticed.

- Saves money. If you have short/medium length hair, this will last you much longer than a shampoo bottle. Ask any Lush staff about this!

- It's very handy for travels. You won't have to worry about spills, weight and so on...

- For just under £5 a bar, this is great...can't argue with that.

- Hair fall is minimised considerably compared to other shampoos.

- Because it's a Lush product, no harsh chemicals (or as little as possible) are used. Lush always try to use natural ingredients.

- Of course, Lush is also against animal testing and do a lot for both animals and the environment.

- Lathers up very well and leaves your hair & scalp squeaky clean.

- Finally... leaves a menthol scenting bathroom behind.


Get yours now at

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