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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Stocking up on L.U.S.H.

My mini haul ^.^
Today I got treated to...(read on...)

Marie Claire's magazine...
...came out ahead of Elle's, so I decided to get it. As I mentioned on a previous post, I usually get Elle & Vogue together, but that might just be changing! I like the fact that for this month, Marie Claire is thicker compared to Elle or Vogue. Plus it does have 2 freebies:

- Olay's new anti wrinkle product (which I won't be using, so it won't be reviewed. Too early to use this product (as much as a lot of women say it's never too young to start using anti aging products... I'm keeping well away!))

- A fairtrade type bangle - which looks simple, fashionable, although it is quite big to fit one's wrists without falling right off when you move your hands....

Now featuring my Lush Treat Haul...

I got another addition to Coconut Deodorant Powder. This smells incredible. Not overpowering; actually pretty light and fresh. For those of you who like coconut... get this. It says deodorant powder, however I don't use it for that purpose. It's great as a dusting off powder after applying overly moisturising products such as body butters or oils. This powder gives your skin a matte skin colour rather than oily/greasy.
Also, this is great for use after showers. I haven't tried doing this...but I would suggest that this would be great to use on oily scalps, rather than using the new dry shampoos coming out (the coconut powder will be much healthier for your scalp!)


I added more to my collection of Calavera bath bombs. They will be gone after Halloween so I decided to stock up. I didn't open any of them up from their packaging. If you want to see how they look like, click here (I blogged about this not so long ago).

My Review: I used this a while ago and was very impressed! The only let down was that the scent didn't linger on for as long as I was hoping... Lush should definitely make some kind of body scrub of this scent!

Okay, so here goes my review:
As soon as this bath bomb touched the water, it starts off fizzing softly, leaving behind a gentle white foam. After 2-3 minutes, you hear a louder fizz *sssssshhh* and then...out comes all the spectrum of the colour green, mixing in with the white foam. The water turns green slowly, settling in with the white foam. As a surprise, a type of flower/plant's petals/leaves are scattered all over the bath...smelling divine!
It almost feels like being in a rainforest or a pond. Think of the colour green as that (rather than something gooey!)


Another addition to the Lady Catrina soap. To see how the whole soap looks like, click here! This remains my favourite soap of the season. It reminds me of those Starburst chewy sweets... smells as sweet...


Finally, I get to blog about my favourite sugar scrub! Sugar Babe is amazing! I've used it so many times and it's luxury on one's skin... I like the silky smooth feeling it leaves your skin with, as well as the scent that lingers on. Jasmine & ylang ylang I believe is in this (?). It smells so fresh... great for a good quick pamper.


Made with real sugar....

I cut it into 4 pieces like this (I didn't do a very good job here >.>... I used a blunt knife!). See the pink colour in its centre? That has a different scent (more sweeter and stronger) than the white areas.

And I also cut the Sugar Plum Fairy Scrub into 4 bits. I blogged about this a while ago here. As you can see, I have already used 1/4 of this.

My review: This smells of plum as it says... mildly sweet scenting. Almost reminds me of cakes...! Left skin silky smooth. However, the scent didn't stay on for a long while after and my skin didn't feel as silky smooth as compared to using Sugar Babe's scrub.


This is Lush's anthem (I like to think of it as that)... printed at the back of their paper shopping bags... Read it for yourself. It's truly L.U.S.H.!

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