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Tuesday, 5 October 2010


My trip to Häagen-Dazs...

...consisted of some comfortable seats, a warm environment, soothing music, cheerful staff.

Table for 2 please?

Waitress: 'Try a sample of our summer ice cream...'

Tea for one, for starters...
...Earl Grey would be lovely.
Thank you!

From the mains, may I have the Belgian Waffle Dream?

A scoop of Pralines & Cream and a scoop of Dulce de
Leche, a warm Belgian waffle, sweet maple syrup and
freshly whipped cream. £7.10.

And for me, I would like a Praline Caramel Crunch please.

Two scoops of Pralines & Cream combined with crunchy
waffle cone pieces, caramelised hazelnuts, warmed through
with hot, butterscotch sauce and finished with freshly
whipped cream. £7.10.

All descriptions have been taken from their menu here. Note: This is Leicester Square's menu. It might change depending on times and dates!

Everything was yummy yummy yummy...
If you want to spoil yourself and want a nice fulfilling treat, head here. You'll leave feeling a lot better =)
And if you're the type to fall sick after too many sweets, definitely grab some tea!


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