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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

It's a Lush Life

Belle D'Opium

This is my favourite evening scent right now. It smells immaculate, feminine, powerful...a much fresher version of the original Opium.
I'll let YSL describe it:

'A woman full of ambivalence, elusive and obsessive,
powerful and troubling, ingenue but dangerous.
Her perfume, a disconcertingly bewitching new oriental.
An overdose of rare and precious ingredients:
the narcotic scent of Casablanca Lily
blends with spicy swirling Incense and
mysterious overtones of a Nargileh accord.
Her bottle, tinted with electric blue, is crossed by
a flamboyant red wick, defining the line
that unites it with her skin. '

I'm addicted.


I paid a trip to Lush... (yes, I couldn't resist >.<)... I wanted to get all their new products, but I think I shall wait for a few more months before I do. I still have a number of bath bombs, bubble bars, shower gels, soaps, etc...! I keep stocks of Lush goodies, especially the limited edition products. I'll blog about those in due time. So anyway, I got the following - scroll on down ^.^

Top of the Blocks - Honey I Washed the Kids & Karma Soaps

Just 2 of my favourite soaps...

Karma - wakes you in the morning and greets you with a burst of fresh citrus scents. Now, I'm not fond of citrus smelling soaps.. I don't mind them, except for the fact that, citrus, in general, remind me of washing liquid! So Karma isn't like this at all... smell it for yourself and discover what I mean.

Honey I Washed the Kids - who likes toffee and maple and caramel (apart from me!)? This can be used for any occasion... Apparently, Lush staff do say it's the most popular soap. I can see why. Yummy...

Get this as a pack rather than individually if you want to get 100g of each. It'll save you money =)

See the names at the back? Mirek & Iko - followed by dates. These are the people who made the soaps (Lush is all handmade products, which is nice to know) and those dates are when they were made - i like!

Cupcake Face Mask

I usually go for the Love Lettuce face mask. I wanted to try out another one, so I went for this. It smells lightly of chocolate. It's meant to be great for oily skin and teenagers (I'm sure it'll be great and useful for everyone, not just particularly teenagers!)

Below are some descriptions taken from the Lush site.

'Rhassoul mud

Rhassoul is a natural mineral product that also has a foaming, de-greasing action and acts as a natural shampoo.'

'Cocoa powder and spearmint

We use cocoa powder to colour the product. It also works with rhassoul and spearmint to remove dirt and refresh the complexion.'

'Deep cleansing goodness for oily skin.

Rhassoul mud reigns supreme in this fantastic face mask, deeply cleansing the pores, balancing oily complexions and soothing skin that's become irritated by spots. Cupcake is one of our more commercial masks. The scent of chocolate is one of the best you could ask for in a facial.'

'Truly scrumptious.

Sitting with a face mask on for 15 minutes needn't be a chore when it's as yummy as Cupcake. Delicious cocoa powder, peppermint and spearmint turn your facial into a truly scrumptious experience.'

Lady Catrina Soap

This is a limited edition Lush soap. I will be stocking up...! Again... descriptions from the Lush site.. this smells am-az-ing!

'Agave nectar contains fructose and glucose. It is sweeter than sugar and has a low glycemic index. We use organic agave nectar in our Lady Catrina hallowe'en hand and body soap as a vegan alternative to honey for its soothing and softening qualities.'

Shaped like a fruity hat and decorated with flowers, there's a hauntingly beautiful quality to our purple soap, the Lady Catrina. But the zesty fragrance of fruit pastilles and freshly cut limes will revive even Kirkman's Walking Dead when you wash your hands and body.'

Sugar Plum Fairy

Look at how nice this looks like! Below are, yet again, more descriptions from Lush. I don't use this as a whole. It's best to cut it into 4 (with a kitchen knife or anything sharp!) and use those blocks separately. I love the sugar they use in it. It leaves your skin feeling silky. I used Sugar Babe in the past - my favourite sugar scrub! We'll see how well this performs...shall we?

'Plum Kernel Oil

The high oleic acid content of plum kernel oil is suited for lip balms, massage products and other cosmetics for dry skins. It has a nutty, plum-like aroma and is deeply moisturising.'

'Our newest scrubber was inspired by the Tchaikovsky ballet. When Helen was inventing, she thought that plum kernel oil would work a treat because it moisturises the skin and makes it feel silky smooth and adds an almondy scent to the product.'

If anyone has a favourite product at Lush, do recommend!

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