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Thursday, 18 November 2010

I'm a Hunter's Boot...!

I got treated to these Hunter boots I've been wanting for almost a year now! And guess how satisfied I am with them.....! I got some TopShop wellies last autumn - they were totally unreliable. Only used those for 3 months or so before they had to be thrown away...

~Liking the presentation of the box.~

The picture taken above is too dark to see the writings below. As you can see, Hunter is a reputable brand - so it's £55 for a reason =) (£55 for wellies in my opinion is quite costly, since other non-Hunter brands are on average £20).

You can rest assured that its soles will grip slippery surfaces well - this will be handy for the approaching winter months too.

~Unveiling the Hunter~

~ Inside one of the boots ~
The lining is inside is soft and comfortable.

And are its fabulous Hunter fleece socks! They are quite costly too (I think £15ish? In proportion to the price of the boot, I think it's quite pricey). Because wellies are rubber, they might get very cold during the winter months, so these socks will transform your Hunters into cosy wellies =)

I prefer the short boots to the long ones because of my height and also because long boots seem to heavy duty to me. If London had Canada's snowy winter, I'd opt for the long boots. Otherwise, long boots give me an impression of a jockey about to go on a horse ride or someone about to do some gardening (haha...!).

Also, I had to choose between the glossy black and the matte black - I chose matte. I found the glossy to be too tacky and cheap looking (but that's just my taste =P). Matte seemed more neutral and easy on the eye (and outfits!).

I'm thinking of getting this to go along with my Hunter boots...just to top it all off...! Although now, I've to make a decision on whether this pouch is more suited for long boots (what do you think?).


Muslim Girl said...

My sister got hunter boots (the long ones) and I really want to get them too now. They seem perfect, esp for Canadian rain and sometimes that wet snowy weather!

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

Having worn the Hunter boots, I have to say ... they are a good buy! Their grip is really good so you can rest at ease walking on slippery surfaces. Plus, they are comfortable.
Wish there was some of that wet snowy Canadian weather here (!)...instead of rain >.<

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