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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Jom Makan - Malaysian Restaurant

I found this restaurant about a year or so ago. It was a mini hidden treasure for me, mainly because I like Malaysian food (the fusion of Indian & Chinese food go well together), I love coconut in dishes AND all the food are halal (no pork and alcohol too =D), so this remains one of my favourite restaurants.

I headed there not long ago this week for lunch; as usual, it didn't disappoint.

That day they didn't play any music, which was unusual. Normally they do have a light random mix of popular music in the background. The lighting is great. The restaurant is spacious. The staff are helpful as always.

The only thing about this restaurant I would improve is the design. It seems to me that not much about it says it's a Malaysian restaurant apart from the art picture of the Petronas Twin Towers.

'May I have the Apple & Lime Juice please?'

'And for me, may I have the Melon, Lychee & Mango Juice, please?'

'As always.... some prawn crackers for starters...'

These prawn crackers were spicy. A great twist to the normal prawn crackers. Try these if you haven't already... They're yummy appetisers (as long as you don't order more and more!).

'May we also get the vegetable potato samosas for our side order...?'

Quite greasy for my liking, but otherwise the mild curry taste was gently spicy for the taste buds.

'Add the salad to our sides please.'

I don't really know how to describe this salad. Just think of normal salad, with a slightly odd dressing (either you like it or you dont =P)!

'For the mains, we'll have... the Ayam Percik (Chargrilled marinated chicken coated with sweet spicy coconut sauce)'

This was yummy... I like the balanced spices, the coconut... delicious!
The only thing that I have to criticise was the chicken. Okay, so I'm picky with meat, and I know it's very hard (but not impossible! KFC can do it...) to cook meat thoroughly, i.e. no red/slightly brown bits in its meat... so this was the only thing that I didn't like about it.

'For me I'd like the Nasi Goreng (Chilli spiced stir fried rice with prawns, chicken & vegetables).'

Check out this restaurant here. 2 stores are now open in the UK - one in Trafalgar Sq & the other, at Westfield (this is the newest one).

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