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Friday, 17 September 2010

Bringing Modesty Back into Fashion

Now, this won't appeal to everyone of you out there. Everyone at the end of the day will have their own views. Some of you might find these tips silly, funny, or fussy. The rest of you might find them very helpful.

I've been blogging a lot on beauty products mainly. And I noticed the fact that I've not exactly been following the mantra of my blog 'Bringing Modesty', as it says. What is modesty? We all view modesty in different ways. Some of us think dressing up modestly means we create a 'modest' image. Or it could be the way we speak, the way we treat another.

To me the word 'modest' is everything you do. From the way you dress, to the way you handle yourself, friends, family and so on. (I'm not great at explaining this! But I do hope you get the idea).

Speaking of this, I'll admit I need to take and follow my own advice at times, which I struggle with.

So I'd like to share some tips for anyone interested...


You'll notice I have been blogging a lot on perfumes. Ideally, if you don't want to attract attention, be aware of how much perfume you spray on. It's always best to spray yourself with enough perfume wherein you can smell yourself and others from a distance can't. You could try this: spray on some fragrance on your wrists twice, rub them together then rub these on your neck. No need to bathe in perfume!

For Oud: these are a lot stronger, so dilute these in water before using.

And...when you're at home with family, spray on as much perfume as you want! This might sound silly, but why apply fragrance when going out only? Wouldn't any of you wear nice clothes (for example) or perfumes for your husbands at home (or for yourselves without the guilt)?

If you love the scent of perfume and this is the reason you spray it on yourself, why not spray some on a hanky and breathe in the scent, carry it with you...

I find that the hair gives out a lesser odour when you've just applied perfumes to it, compared to when you've applied it on places like your wrist (which gives off heat). So, if you want, you can spray your hair instead. This is an option =).

Can't find fashionable or comfortable long sleeve tops?

Invest in shrugs and boleros! These will go with any outfit and will give coverage and are handy especially for summer as they don't add the whole extra layer of a long sleeved shirt.

Uni Qlo sometimes do have an excellent range of long sleeve wear - so check them out.

Esprit also has a 'long sleeve' range on their online site. So check those out - they're available all year round and update with each season.

Solutions for low cut tops...

One option most of us know is to wear another layer under that top. Some people I know find it hard to find this other top itself... so what I suggest is... (for emergencies or temporarily...or permanently if you wish)... wear a shirt the other way round (usually most shirts would work) and you'll notice that the back side to it covers up all the way to your lower neck line. If you're wearing something on top of that won't be noticeable! Just make sure there are no designs at the back.

Modesty Panels are also an option. No, I haven't tried those, but according to the Daily Mail's article, these are becoming increasingly popular.

Speaking of Modesty Panels, if you can stitch another layer under the low cut top yourself... this would be more preferable =) less hassle...

If you have any other tips, please feel free to share.

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