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Monday, 20 September 2010

Last Week & Today I....

...spotted some interesting things during my walkabouts...

So walking along the Doc Martens store, I saw these Hello Kitty boots and thought they look cute! Nice to see but would I wear it? Nah, don't think I would! Too chunky and grungy for my liking =)

Doc Martens, I believe, launched this range to celebrate Hello Kitty's 50th Anniversary.

I finally visited Snog for the first time!
It was very delicious, low in fat saved me the guilt of calories.
You can select a range of fruits, nuts, cookies etc to add to your frozen yoghurt.
I ordered the Bittersweet dark chocolate yoghurt...mine is the one in the huge cup! Had I known it would be that large ...I would have opted for the small sized cup.
Liked the shop & atmosphere ^.^ felt very anime like and cartoon-ish (if you get what I mean...)

Then I did some shopping. Here's my mini haul...

Aloe & Soft Linen, Body Room & Linen Spray from The Body Shop

I use this to spray a room, particularly bedsheets. Also, it's a great way to scent your clothes...I'd advise to use this whilst ironing. It smells great and keeps all your clothes stamped with that linen and calm aloe scent.

Buttercup Gift from Lush

I got this as a present for a friend. It contains 2 of my favourite items from Lush... the Butterball Bath Ballistic & Honey I washed the Kids soap.

Retread Conditioner from Lush

This is the holy grail of conditioners from Lush. The smell is one of my's very nourishing, rich and creamy. Definitely worth the money for its ingredients and its results. But note that different hairs will work better with different conditioners. I have tested a few of Lush's conditioners (including the solid Jungle bar) and this happens to be the most suited for me.

Coconut Oil Hair Shine & Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter

The Coconut Oil is the only one I have tried so far. A little greasy... so as long as you don't use too much it should be fine =). It adds a shine to your hair (try not to use too much as I said, otherwise it might make your hair look greasy!). Like the smell of this..very summery.
I think this would be handy for the coming season... it'll moisturise and protect your hair. Although I'm not a fan of hair products, as I've always gone back to using only shampoos & conditioners only, I decided to give this a go and see how it is.
The Hair Butter is the first I have heard. I got the mini pot for this to try it out...we shall see how it performs...

Finally I got my honey to go with my Camomile Honey & Vanilla tea (which was recommended to my by a friend =) she got the tea for me ...and having tried it... I can imagine it tasting much better with honey). It does help with a good night's sleep =).

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