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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Chamama for Teatime


I went to a tea place with a friend today and we stayed there for hours...
Chamama in Victoria is an absolutely delightful, homely place to be in. Modern and airy atmosphere, soothing music, over 100 varities of teas to choose from, welcoming staff, comfortable seats...and finally, reasonable prices.

Cool table - see the tea jars in it?

Some of the range of teas available. You can smell these at your own leisure before you order...

Tea for two please.

My chicken tikka panini, served with some salad. Will order again... yummy...cheesey...nice!

May I also have the lemon cheesecake for dessert please?

We parted away with some cream tea and strawberry & cream tea ... My favourite green tea: Almond & Vanilla Green tea was out of stock =(.

Teas I have tried so far (with ratings):

Afternoon Tea - 6/10
Rhubarb Cream - 7.5/10
Dream Tea - 4/10
Peppermint Tea - 6.5/10
Jasmine Pearl White Tea - 8/10
Cream Tea - 10/10
Almond & Vanilla Green Tea - 10/10
Strawberry Cream Tea - 9/10

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