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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Foods and Scents

Last weekend, I went to a Lebanese restaurant in Edgware Road - Soraya.
Here's what I ordered.

Chicken Showerma
- Delicious. The bread was crispy. The sauces were well balanced. Just enough salad. However the chicken spoilt it! I spotted a few 'red' looking meat in the showerma. For those of you who don't mind this, this will be a treat! If you're like me and fussy with your meat being well won't enjoy it as much as you'll have to keep picking at your showerma...

Khubus Bread - warm, soft & satisfying. One of my favourite breads.

Tabouleh - my favourite salad!

Batata Harra (Hot/Spicy Potatoes) - This had a good level of spice in it. Yummy... a must order.

On another subject, I got a sample of this perfume - Nina by Nina Ricci.
So she named it after her cleverly enough... I say that because this perfume is incredible. I love the way it smells of apple and candy rather than just apples. I would consider this as a great casual or formal perfume. I imagine it can do some of us some cheering up whenever we need it... It'll surprise you.

This is a perfume I have based on the scent of pure red apples - Red Delicious by DKNY.

I use this now and again. However, I don't think it has that uplifting scent to it... like Nina has. Nina has more of a catch - a good catch! And it is more captivating. However, if you like simpler scents... DKNY will be a good choice.

So Nina wins for me.

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