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Friday, 17 September 2010

Dubai - Part 1

Dubai Mall : A Quick Glimpse Inside

This mall is one of the largest in the world (actually, it used to be the largest at some point). I have been to it soo many times during my stay and still haven't covered the whole mall...
Everything in the mall (including toilets haha) are immaculately designed and cared for. The floors are as squeaky clean and shiny as the can see reflections on them.
This is undoubtedly the best mall I've ever been to. You'll see why. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking as I said. And I have to emphasize that these pictures alone are just a brief glimpse! Until you go there...only then will you find out for yourself how amazing the mall really is.

Also, one thing to note as you're looking through the pictures: when I went there, it was during the holy month of Ramadhan. So no eating or drinking was allowed in public. If you see empty looking malls or places, it's because most people are indoors until sunset. After sunset, the mall booms into life and it feels just like daytime!

Enjoy the pics =) (and apologies you can't enlarge the pics... I didn't realise this until this was published >.<...great...).

To view Part 2, click here & for Part 3 here.

A huge candy store facing the Aquarium...the biggest I've seen - truly.

A lot of familiar shops were there, such as GAP... (I took pictures of these because I liked their layout and decorations...they added a traditional style to it).

Designated eating areas
at the food court for those who weren't fasting . Dubai Mall was the only mall to have this allocated area (I'm guessing because there are a lot of tourists there compared to other areas).

London Fish & Chips... they had meals named after landmarks here (i.e. the Big Ben meal, Hyde Park meal and so on). However, I didn't try this out...

A snapshot of a small section of the Dubai Mall.

This was a large ice rink with a cool giant screen...I'll go on it on my next trip to Dubai.

Another part of the mall. I believe this was on the Lower Ground floor.

Sephora - they really should open up a store in London! Beats House of Fraser & Debenhams.

Banana Republic (Liking the design and layout yet again...look at the moon, stars & lanterns)

Forever 21 - they should open this here too! It's like an American version of New Look/Dorothy Perkins (with a taste of TopShop)...only much much better...

Figurines of the Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world) on the Lower Ground Floor of the Mall.

The Biggest Aquarium in a Mall... recorded in the Guinness World Record...
If this was the largest aquarium in a mall, how does the world's largest look like?

Some fishes ...

and the aquarium tunnel (where you can get even closer to the sea animals)

A shark's tale ^.^

A stingray (some stingrays looked like they were smiling. This looks =( )

A hammerhead shark - first time I've ever seen one. This one looked pretty fierce and angry...

And lastly, a random cool picture I captured.

My Canon digital camera has let me down so many times when I had to capture images in the dark =( but I took whatever pictures I could. I'm now leaning slightly towards a Nikon...(ha..!)

Underwater Zoo

Some electric fish (I wonder if it's dangerous to touch the water they're in... although I wouldn't advise this)

A piranha (there were warnings to visitors saying 'Do not put your fingers in the tank' ... )

I think this was a giant water Rat!

Crocodiles... (creepy...)

I found Nemo. Many Nemos.

A lobster.

Jelly fish.

A seahorse.

An eel (creepy again...).

A giant crab! (You can't properly see it =/ )

A cute water penguin.

Penguins - one of my favourite animals!

The Gold Souk
This was a large souk at the ground floor of the mall. I don't think haggling is possible in this place so unless you saved up enough, it's great for some window shopping and admiring the place.

At one of the entrances.

One of the best crafts I've seen in jewellery there (although I do have a lot of favourites).

The name of a place inside the souk.

Admiring the lanterns...

Surroundings: Outside the Dubai Mall

Burj Khalifa

Not sure what this building is now, but cool architecture!
Souk al Bahar.
Inside Souk al Bahar.
Part of the Dubai mall from the back.

Dubai Mall: At Night.
Some pictures were taken before sunset.

Divers in the aquarium (I think they were workers maintaining it).
One of my favourite perfume stores (eventhough I don't even have one from their collection, I have smelt many of their perfumes).

Fashion on a magic carpet.

Sections of the Dubai Mall.

Boasting Omega clocks throughout the mall.

The Magical Magnificent Fountain Dance!

Every evening, a fountain dance is shown at every 30 minute interval. The dance is accompanied by music (all of which I liked); lasting just under 4 minutes (a typical song's length).

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