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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Dubai - Part 2

Burj Khalifa - The World's Tallest Building.

Some facts on this, taken from here.

- 828 metres tall (2,717 feet).
- Burj means Tower in Arabic language.
- Fastest elevators at speed of 64km/h, or 18m/s. It would take just a minute to reach from ground level to top floor.
- Burj Khalifa has more than 162 floors.
- Its top spire can be seen from 95km afar.
- It’s expected to use an average of 946,000 litres of water each day.
- Total cost estimated at US$1.5 billion.
- The exterior temperature at the top of will be 6°C cooler than its base (some say 10°C).

This was taken from the Dubai mall to begin with. They seemed to have constructed an interior footbridge/tunnel from the mall to the Burj Khalifa.

Again, apologies, I seemed to have uploaded 'medium' sized pictures so they won't enlarge =/. I was in a rush...that's my bad excuse.

As you can see, tickets were mostly sold out. This was how it was daily.

You probably can't see this probably. It's comparing the Burj Khalifa to the UK's landmarks.

similarly, here is a comparison of the Burj Khalifa to USA's landmarks.

The elevators... which took less than a minute to reach the top, stating the fact (above) right.

At the top of Burj Khalifa (yet again my Canon let me down! These were some clear pictures it managed).

So it didn't bring me up all the way to the top...I captured this on the floor the elevators took us. It was still high enough to notice a difference in temperature. Incredible.

Finally, the shop ...

Burj al Arab - World's 7 star Hotel

Some facts (from here) :

- The Burj al Arab is shaped like a sail, a reference to the fishing and shipping culture that has dominated Dubai's history for centuries.

- The hotel boasts a chauffeured, all-Rolls Royce fleet for the exclusive use of its guests. Additionally, each suite in the all-suite hotel comes complete with a private butler.

- The suites of the Burj al Arab begin at around $2000 a night for the low-end (one bedroom) suites. There are seven, increasingly expensive categories of suites: the one-bedroom, two-bedroom, panoramic, club, diplomatic, presidential, and royal suites.

The beach beside the Burj al Arab, with its white sand, palm trees and a wonderfully kept clean area.

Another angle of the Burj al Arab.

Jumeirah 5 star Hotel

Gold Souk

A taste of some of the types of jewelleries available at the souk (there are thousands of more subtle jewellery pieces than these, although I uploaded these for their design and the amount of gold each piece has). The minimum carat for gold there is said to be 18k. Most people usually buy a minimum of 22k, otherwise 24k. The price of gold is based on its weight and craftmanship. The designs were utterly amazing and inspiring!

Mirdiff City Centre Shopping Mall

This was a more open space and naturally well lit mall. Fuss free compared to the other malls, yet amazing in its own way.

You could go for indoor skydiving, something which this mall offers. Insane or what?

A snapshot of the mall: this was its main theme - a foundation based on palm trees, open windows, modern decorations...

I liked these home decors...everything in that shop looked rich and elegant. Look at those chandeliers!

Snapshots of parts of the mall.

And outside...

Emirates Mall

This was said to be bigger than the Dubai Mall at some point back ... although I found it much smaller compared on my visit.
And yes, I know, I know >.> ... more pictures of malls, but they're all unique so worth a visit to each one of them! ^.^

Snapshots of parts of the mall.

Their Louis Vuitton is more expensive over there (a speedy 35 costs £50 more compared to Selfridges' price).

Starbucks - they're everywhere.

A sign of modesty - reminding shoppers to cover up decently.

Featuring: Indoor skiing!
Decide for yourself what you think of it... =P

Some ice cream cakes in Baskin Robbins. Why don't we have these here? =(

Followed by these yummy dates in the supermarket. There were dozens and dozens of other varieties of dates. Of course, I can't upload all the pictures of those here as they'll take forever!

Ibn Battuta Mall

This is the last mall I'll be putting up pictures of! This is the largest themed mall in the world. Simply beautiful and very very interesting inside... a must visit...!

Near the entrance.

I had to use an umbrella to shield myself from the scorching heat.

And inside...

That's the best looking spot I've ever seen for a Starbucks stand...

Admiring the chandelier and art.

Another amazing piece of design & art.

Little Chinatown entrance.

Entering Chinatown....

Cinemas - featuring an IMAX!

Liking the oriental layout & setting.

Entering another area of the mall... above are coloured in skies... it was almost like the Disneyland of Malls with all its subsections, each having its own originality.

Some traditional yummy sweets inside the supermarket just nearby.

Tunisian themed area of the mall.

I'll never tire of the decorations...just look at those lanterns....the art & design...the fountain...!

You can view Dubai - Part 1 here. And Part 3 here.

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