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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Random Pictures from the Thames Festival

Freedom Street - who wouldn't want to go there? =P Freebies galore...from sushis to ice creams to canvas type shopper bags...all were given out free...

Yo Sushi in practise - staff of YoSushi teaching members of the public how to make sushis. It looked very easy...! Perhaps I might do a sushi tutorial in future...

A live gig with random acts (from artists I haven't heard of before). At one moment people closest to the stage were dancing to a Michael Jackson song.

Bubbles coming out of a bubble stall shop. I wanted to capture a bubble on its own but failed =(

Some action figures at a play stall...which were arranged by adults and kids...what a beautiful arty mess ^.^

I captured this by chance. I love the way the cloud darkens at the top and further down, there are clear blue skies and the sun piercing through the sky.

Like this outfit..! Very anime-like...

And to finish off, a picture I took a long while ago...which had the shadow of the London Eye falling on to the Shell building.

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