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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

MUA vs O.P.I Nail Polishes

I'm not fond of nail polishes, so I use them every now and again. The most annoying thing about them is the peeling off and the effort it takes to apply, beginning with the base coat, then the polish, and then...the hard coating...
So at the very least, we all want a nail polish that will last to pay off our efforts.

I've tried nailpolishes from Rimmel, Maybelline & Bourjois. Can't remember which models exactly. Perhaps I'll dig this up and blog it at some other point in the future (?).

For now, my 2 best nail polishes are MUA and O.P.I, for different reasons.


(Apologies, I forgot to test the ruby one...>.<)

At £1, this is a bargain!
There are more colours available other than these. My favourite has to be between the 1st and 4th colour (starting left). They both look solid (though might need more than one coating), neat, not so shiny...
Unfortunately, I'm just not loving the other colours as much. On application, I found them tacky, their colour wasn't as rich as it appeared to be. So my least favourite would have to be the 2nd and 3rd. I'm caught in the middle with the last's almost like a colourless nail varnish...
The good news is, these do stay for 7-10 days (or more if you're careful like me!). I have tried them without any base or top coat and achieved the same results.
So...overall...bargain price for a quality product.

Get yours now at:



O.P.I. is, I think, today's most popular and loved nail polish. And I can see why that is. Now, these are more expensive. This mini set was £10, at 3.75ml each.
What I like about these are the fact that they're easy to apply, they stay on for a week or more, they make your nails look more elegant (very sheer look and natural!). Moreover, it doesn't lose it's appearance after a week or stays almost as if you had just applied it.

Available at all good drugstores or salons.


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