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Thursday, 12 August 2010

My Wish (Hit!) List

Military style boots

These boots will give an edge to any outfit. They're also comfortable and suit all weather conditions. So these are a must have for autumn especially, since it won't be as stuffy and humid. Ditch the ballerinas and pumps I say - get your boots and wellies out! The rain is back hah...! =P

EOS Lipbalm

These lip balms are just cute... egg shaped... imagine how fun it would be applying them. I have a collection of lip balms and they all pretty much look the same. So this is really cool... for a change. I heard that Urban Outfitters have them...but will need to check...

The Dark Side of Love by Rafik Schami

I cannot have enough of cultural genres. They take me to another world (I have a fascination with culture, countries and traditions). So I will be getting this! Would make a great autumn read...

Oral B 5000 Electric Toothbrush
I've been wanting an electric toothbrush for the longest time now (just as I want a camera!) and I'm still undecided on what to get...although this appeals to me. It just seems complete...has different brush heads. I like the idea of the timer too ;)

Tiffany Key Necklaces

This has been on my hit-list for a long time too.... I'm still undecided on what shaped key I want to get... it's got to be the second to last from the right vs the heart shaped (the heart's not featured here)...

Kenzo Flower Eau be Parfum/Toilette

This is another one of those casual non fussy perfumes I'd like to add to my list. It smells very fresh, powdery, floral...very feminine...

Chanel 5171 Bow Sunglasses

Perhaps I shall get this next year. I was planning on getting it this summer but seeing as the rain has arrived so unexpectedly and early... I think I'll just leave this off my hit-wish-list for the time being. But anyway I still posted this because I absolutely like this! I'm so fond of Chanel and Dior sunglasses. They tick all the right boxes for me - some of them that is. This one has a cute little bow at the sides...and I have a thing for bows =P
I'm uncertain about its seems a little huge...but apart from that...great in every way ;)

Heat by Beyonce

Now I smelt this perfume this week and it totally took me by surprise! I wasn't even keen on smelling it because was a celebrity fragrance... and so far...I've been disappointed by a lot of them! And secondly...the bottle looks very tacky!
Anyway when I smelt was very sweet....almost reminded me of Britney Spears' Fantasy, except it has its own twist to it... something different that I liked. And its name 'Heat' I think...portrays the scent well. At £20-£25 a bottle...this is a great casual everyday perfume.
I'm just a bit disappointed with the bottle. It could have carried off a nice perfume and made it look even better...


Ebanehita said...

The Eos lip balm is definitely at urban outfitters! i wanted it after seeing a video on youtube - it looked soo cute and got a good review from Michelle Phan who is awesome!

That book looks GOOD! I can almost feel the story.

Kohl said...

I need to pay a trip to Urban Outfitters... thanks for letting me know! I hope they have all the scents.... *-)

Moodswings said...

hehe, that toothbrush is amazing! I bought it for J last christmas (i think?) and he loves it. I can't get myself to buy one for me though, have you seen the price tag on that! SO i just one of the other toothbrush heads hehe.

AND!! I took your recommendation and now I am using the Blankx toothpaste! My mum bought one for herself too, and she's loving it!

Thanks! xx

Moodswings said...

i left a really long comment here this morning and now ive just came by your blog and its gone! maybe i didnt press send! what a fool.

Anyway it said that, the oral b toothbrush is amazing, i bought one for my bf (i think last xmas) and he loves it. But i cant get myself to buy one of my own - pricetag hellooo - so I just use of the other toothbrush heads hehe.

I also said, ive taken your recommendation and started using the blankx toothpaste! So far, so good! my mum got one for her too and she's loving it. She made a point that i hadnt noticed. Even after you eat, your teeth still feel clean like when you run your tongue across them!!

i said something else but i cant remember. The kenzo perfume is a great no fuss perfume! mine is finished :( i need a replacement!


Ebanehita said...

I went out looking for Blanx today! I could not find it. Deffo gonna buy, my sister wants too hehe

Kohl said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! =]

Now that toothbrush has another tally on my chart...I'm definitely getting it...seems to have a lot of good reviews...

(Moodswings: I think your comments didn't send because I messed up my settings >.<..I'll look into it now...)

I haven't noticed that - good observation with the toothpaste... I'll observe for myself after eating...

I'm half way through my toothpaste - almost... and I won't review it as of yet... give it a reasonable amount of time.

And Blanx is definitely in one of the Boots...maybe the bigger Boots will have them in stock.

Moodswings said...

Ebanehita, get it from covent garden when u come to visit me :D

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