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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar & The Love Soap

I know it's a little late blogging about these. The Christmas Eve Bubble Bar came out in the xmas season and the Love Soap was a Valentine's edition soap. But nontheless, I think these might just make a reappearance soon =P because they are very calming and likeable by everyone.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

This is ideal just before bedtime. The scent is soothing...use only half of the bubble bar...crumble it under running water and watch the water turn ocean the bubbles appear and increase... and the scent engulf the bathroom. It all ends with its scent lingering on your skin whilst you sleep..aahh ^-^
I'd describe the scent as floral (ylang ylang & jasmine), musky...very light and easy...
I hope Lush brings this back!


Love Soap

This is worth every penny...
Use this in the morning and you'll be smelling your skin for hours =P
It lathers up pretty well...although I would prefer it to lather up more...& it leaves the water red as you wash it off.
Smells a little citrusy and flowery...a little sweet...okay...I'm no good in describing this scent. But as I said...worth every penny...!
So if it makes a return to Lush...grab it and stock up =]


1 comment:

Ebanehita said...

this stuff makes me wanna take baths not showers. ahhhhh seems heavenly

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