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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Parisienne by YSL

When I first smelt it, strangely enough, I liked it! Now that I have it...I don't feel quite the same about its scent. This is very mature for my age - very heavy and floral. I'd say this would be most suited for women who're at least 30 years old.

But I'm very disappointed I didn't end up liking this again =( I really really wanted to like this! Ugh... It's called 'Parisienne' too - what a name! YSL should have saved it for another 'younger' smelling perfume. I definitely didn't imagine this is what 'Parisiennes' smelt of hah =P
So I'll be using this perfume for evening wear and formal occasions.

I'm absolutely admiring the bottle though. Simply made yet it feels can tell that it's made with care =) Very chic design and feel... I just like holding fits perfectly on the palm of your hand.

Shame about the scent...>.<...
Maybe you'll love it! =D Don't let this put you off... check it out for yourself.

Available at all good department stores.


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