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Monday, 2 August 2010

Yummy Lush Lip Scrubs

Being a Lush junkie, you'll see more Lush stuff being posted and reviewed on my blog...
Here we have the Bubble gum & Mint Julips Lip Scrubs.

The bubblegum smells exactly like bubblegum- no exaggeration - so would be great to use anytime. Mint Julips smells very minty-chocolatey - I like to use this mainly at nights due to the minty scent, which can be very relieving.
(If you liked the Snow Fairy Shower Gel at Lush, you'll definitely fall for the Bubblegum Scrub).

Used this a couple of times now. It scrubs and smoothes out your lips brilliantly, leaving it soft and erasing all the flakes! Plus....since this is made of real sugar, you can simply eat it off your lips...yum...

The only downside can be sticky and slighty messy!

There is also another Lip scrub called Sweet Lips, although I didn't end up liking the scent, but check it out ;)

[I'll start my feedback rating from now on].

Feedback Rating: 8/10

To get yours, go to:

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