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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Give in to a little more care for your teeth...

(Apologies for the blurred picture >.<)

These are the new chewable tablets to send those plaque to where they belong! A great and yummy way of detecting plaque and in return...clean hygienic teeth =)
I got these as a sample. Will use it and update this review.

Okay, here's my update:
Used as instructed. Didn't see any blue or red stains on my teeth, so I guess I did a good job at brushing =P. However, I would highly recommend to use this at night only! I'm glad I tried this just before bedtime. It left my entire mouth red and blue....So you get the idea why I'd avoid this in the morning...

At the back of this box it has the following:
Often colourless, and constantly forming, plaque bacteria need to be removed thoroughly and regularly to prevent dental problems. Plaqsearch contains advanced disclosing agents, that allows quick identification of problem areas for plaque. The two-tone colouring system differentiates new and old plaque.

Instructions for use: Brush teeth and, where necessary clean interdentally. Thouroughly chew one tablet and then rinse mouth. Examine all areas. Residual red stain indicates newer plaque, and blue stain older plaque that has been missed by previous brushing.

Children under 12 years must be supervised by an adult.
Caution: Stains! Avoid contact with clothes and furnishings.

Available at all good drugstores.

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