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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Revolution in Flossing?

It's so easy to forget flossing your teeth at the end of the day. I've noticed that companies are finding ways of making flossing an easier experience for us - one which will give us less hassle, time and energy wise.

We all must have tried normal dental floss, which is just a coil of string you measure off vaguely and cut off - easy enough!

Then there came along a more friendly version...(see below)...

This is my favourite and most effective way. The handle makes it very easy to reach hard places. And it saves you time from measuring and cutting off the floss yourself. It definitely encourages me more...!
These are now widely available in drugstores, supermarkets and department stores.


After this type of floss...I found this (see below), and it intrigued me....
This is the Corsodyl Daily Interdental Brush.

The white part is made of rubber stem, making it flexible. Its little bristles ensure it'll get to the right places and clean properly. These are said to be as effective as flossing and help to protect delicate gums and enamel. It's also metal free and perfect for use around implants and crowns.

Directions (on packet):
Gently move the brush back and forth between teeth to remove plaque and clean below the gum line. The tapered stem is designed to fit a range of interdental spaces. However, do not force into very tight gaps.

My review:
This is good when you've eaten something light and foods which are not prone to getting stuck between your teeth.
However, if you're eating foods such as corn on the cob, these will be useless! Also, as the directions say, these cannot be forced into very tight gaps (unlike dental floss) it makes it less effective.
It's easy to use, flexible and gentle. However, it doesn't do the job as well as normal I think I'll stick with the floss on handle.

I haven't seen this in any stores as of yet! Order them online if you want them ;)


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