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Sunday, 15 August 2010

~ A time to Reflect ~

I cannot help but to reflect the purpose of life from time to time. Most of us believe that life is a test and we are all here for a reason.

Life is beautiful and precious for many of us. But not for all. Sometimes we must step back and look around us - avoid being engulfed in our shells. In this day and age, it is very easy to always compare oneself to people who have more, to compete with them, to feel envy towards them and to be hard on oneself for whatever reason. Instead, look at those below you. Think of those millions of people who don't have the basic things we might take for granted daily...whether it's food, shelter, our families, our friends. Be thankful instead for what you do have. Why waste your time venting on bad feelings, rather than feeling good, making use of your time and enjoying your life?

I feel that a lot of people are becoming more and more materialistic. And this is all well and fine. Except I see those who become too attached to materials... it is as if those objects sow happiness in them. What happens when the happiness blooms and fades? Admit it (!), most of us do have enough of any object after a while; whether it takes months or years. The fact is, a lot of us have become selfish with our wants and needs.

If, as a nation, we were less materialistic... as charitable as we are as a whole...we still are not combating poverty. I see so many people, for instance, avoid The Big Issue sellers. These are homeless people, making a living out of selling magazines for under £2. Just £2 from someone can provide a meal on their plate for the day. But many of us choose to ignore them and instead go off to department stores and spoil ourselves with things we can live without or go to Starbucks to get an indulging beverage. Have we become so immune to these things that we don't realise when we're actually being selfish?
Now, I'm not saying it is wrong to avoid them or charities, but I do think we have a moral duty in life. And I just picked an example there. We must not forget our morals, our values... for they play a huge part as to who we really are.

Whatever happened to the days where people were satisfied with simple things, such as feeling your husband's or wife's embrace, seeing your mother's or father's smile, knowing there's the warm comfortable bed we can look forward to every night, the knowledge that we won't go to sleep thirsty or hungry...

I must admit, I do like certain designer things (because I am fussy with quality), I do like technology and the latest gadgets, I like fashion (everything from beauty products, to accessories!)... but I can live without these easily. As much as they entertain me, they don't fill the void to my contentment and happiness. The only things that can fill in that void is knowing I have the most simple things in life and they don't cost a penny. As they say - money cannot buy happiness...this is absolutely true =)

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