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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Costa's vs. Cafe Nero's Hot Chocolate

Which is your favourite hot chocolate?
Having tried several hot chocolates, including Starbucks, I limited it down to Costa's & Cafe Nero's hot chocolate.
They're both yummy!

These are Cafe Nero's hot chocolate Milano. It's very rich, slightly thicker than your usual hot chocolate and the cream on top further adds to the richness of this.
If you're having this, I'd strongly advise not to get any chocolate based foods (like the muffin featured), to avoid feeling sick (haha ...!).
This is a real treat. It's not something I'd get everyday but perfect for when you're having those cravings ^.^

And here's Costa's hot chocolate. This is more like the typical hot chocolate you're familiar with. It's light, frothy and will go along with anything at a cafe. What I also like are the marshmallows that came along with it! Plus the tall glass is much more suited (me thinks) compared to Starbucks' mug.

If I had to pick between the two, it would have to be a tie!

1 comment:

La Petite Cherie said...

Yummmmm, definitely gonna try this when I'm there :)

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