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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Maroush Lebanese Restaurant

After a long busy week, I headed out to Maroush Restaurant.
Here's how it turned out...

Olives were already laid out on the table.

I brought along one of my mini bow bags. This was stashed away for years so I thought I'd let it see some day light (not practically, as it was already evening ... )!
I got it from Dune.

A portion of houmous as usual... simply delicious and earthy.

A sneak peek of the Battata Harra. Soft and slightly spicy. Goes well with everything.

Khubus Bread

And of course, Tabouleh Salad ... which is my favourite salad!

Mixing it up with garlic & chilli sauces.

And some baklawa for the compliments................!

Each of the dishes pictured was delicious! The prices were reasonable. I would definitely visit again. One thing I didn't quite like was the service (not that I'm complaining, it wasn't that bad), which I thought could have been better. There were a few delays in between meals and bringing the bill. There was no music - that could be a good thing for some of you though.

Would I recommend Maroush? Yes.

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