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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The 'Muslim' Beauty Queen

This happened to be the most read article on the BBC earlier today. Click here to read it.

Ms. Bukhari has become the first Muslim to represent the UK in the world final of Miss Universe and describes herself as a muslim. She defends her decision to enter the pageant, insisting
, 'she believes Muslims in the UK should be able to have a western lifestyle.'
Now, I think this is one area where a lot of people get confused about. So many of us are still not able to distinguish between culture and religion. So, my view on that is, it's fine to have a western lifestyle, but when that lifestyle contradicts with what religion tells us to do, it's no longer acceptable. It's only common sense, is it not?

Now, the muslims who are opposed to Ms. Bukhari's actions will for sure be seen to be acting out as lunatics by directing abusive comments towards her.
I'm not saying this is right, yet, I'm not saying this is wrong either, because when someone like Ms. Bukhari makes worldwide news , it tarnishes the image of Islam and misconceptions follow (it is the most read article like I said! Plus this is not the first time a news like this occured, click here to read about last year's Miss America).
Most people who do not know much about Islam, will easily find themselves thinking,
'well, there is a girl doing our country proud by participating in a worldwide event that we will be recognised for. What's the problem?'

BUT, this is totally against all the religions teachings and people who don't know Islam's teachings would know no better. It's so clear. Clear enough that, I have never seen a muslim dispute the real way a woman is supposed to dress. It's all written out for us to read.

What is even more harmful is that Ms. Bukhari's intention is to enter that competition and compete in terms of beauty. She seems to firmly believe that religion does allow that.
Compare that to someone who might be muslim and dress in a way that is unacceptable, but who knows full well how they are supposed to dress like and doesn't twist the truth to fit in to their lifestyle. Now, someone like that, believing the right thing, is highly likely to have the right intention and might one day dress modestly in accordance to religion's teachings.

Which brings me back to my earlier post regarding women being treated as sex objects. In this instance, if women are competing in terms of beauty, then think about what message this brings across.

In a world where we are constantly so obsessed over our looks and figures, constantly comparing ourselves to what we see, what we could be... it's slowly destroying our society. Having read this post called the 8 year old woman; it is one of the many proofs out there showing us all how society is affecting people. Young girls are becoming 'women' so quickly, being concerned about how they might be rejected in society and are no longer having a childhood that we once had. The innocent and sweet times are slowly disappearing and it is up to us all to make a change.

So.... what do YOU think? =)


♥Amal said...

I think it's ridiculous. She's just doing the whole "Look, I'm Muslim and wear short skirts. I'm relatable!" crap. She felt the need to stress she was Muslim just so people will talk about her. She might be trying to "prove" Muslim women aren't oppressed, but she is the one oppressed by Western values & vanity. Just my two cents haha

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

@♥Amal: Exactly....! Well put! That is also what I think =P; she is the one oppressed but she cannot see this fact. It's ridiculous >.<...

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