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Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Monsoon Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses are making a come back again. I have to say, they'll always remain one of the most elegant fashion pieces to me although I only have one. I plan to add more to my list in the future =P

All that's needed to do to complete these maxis is a bit of mix and match; add layers where needed. Use shrugs and boleros to achieve the look.

But for now, I've been looking through all the maxis at Monsoon and here are my short-listed
top 4!

Monsoon is one of my favourite shops when it comes to dresses. The only let down for me is their prices. They vary hugely. You might be able to find dresses from £50. They can be as high as £200 or over at times. So watch out for any sales. You can visit their site here.

Pick 4. The Pradesh Dress

It's made with 100% organic cotton and traditionally hand crafted with woodblock print. I really like the spring feel to this and the laid back floral look.

Pick 3. The Delhi Dress

Also made with 100% Organic cotton. This is hand sewn with mother of pearl embellished bib. What I like about this is its bursting colour and its casual loose fit look. It looks very relaxed, pretty and girly.

Pick 2. The Cleo Embellished Maxi Dress

I prefer more formal looking dresses to casual ones. This happens to be at number 2, because of the beautiful detail around the neckline. It makes a statement for the dress. I also like the fact that this dress wasn't overdone and the designer stuck to leaving the rest of the dress plain and simple.
One thing I would find a bit tricky to do is to find tops/pieces to go underneath or over this dress without ruining the look. But there is always a way to everything =P.

Pick 1. The Goa Maxi Dress

With hand sewn embellished neck and shoulder detail, this dress speaks for itself. It's so elegant, simple, yet also manages to be sophisticated and modest. I'm totally liking the bow 'tie-back'!
If it weren't for the £190 price tag, I'd definitely get this. All that would be left is to find something to wear underneath, which shouldn't be too much of a hassle =P ... and you're done!

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bosnishmuslima said...

They are all wonderfull!!! I love maxi-dresses and wear them often in the summertime though it was always hard to find good ones. Monsoon I really love even more my daughter :-P They really have stunning dresses for girls. The last one I found to be the best because of the long sleeves so you don't have to brooding how to cover your arms! But it is too pricy I think as well....

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