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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Earthquake in Japan

Like many others, I was expecting a normal Friday. I was so busy throughout the day, I only heard of the devastating news in the evening. A friend of mine broke the news to me and it took me a while to digest. On my way, I grabbed a newspaper with Japan on the front page news, and it was then that I fully absorbed the news. I was so shocked.
I thought to myself... It's scary how I was in my own world busy with my own schedule for most of the day and something this huge and devastating happened within that time.

But it also told me that whilst we may feel stable and strong under our own roofs, surrounded by everyone we love, all that can change within an instant.
A few seconds is all it takes.

Let us keep everyone affected by the earthquake in our prayers.

1 comment:

rose water said...

Very touching post, and how right you are... :-/
I'll make duaa too!

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