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Friday, 4 March 2011

Glamour's Free Clinique Giveaway ...

... for only £2!
It took a while for me to digest the offer. So today, I stumbled upon a store. Grabbed 2 magazines. I had to...! Scroll down to see why.

What's more is the thickness of this magazine. It'll keep you entertained for a long while.

The giveaways. Which one would you pick?
Moisture Surge is my favourite but I couldn't find it.

I blogged about a Clinique lipstick similar to this in design. This is called High Impact Rouge 17 Rosette. It's a rich plum colour and a bit sparkly, creating a bold look (evening make-up comes to mind). My preference has to lie with the other Clinique lipstick, which I found more creamy, matte and subtle.

All About Eyes is one of the Clinique products I use daily. I like the feeling of moisture this brings and I also like the fact that this was made for 'under eyes', as it's not advised to put other moisturisers in that area. The skin under our eyes is delicate.

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