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Thursday, 10 March 2011

My First Diffuser happens to be ...

...Avon's Thailand Lotus Flower!

Containing my impatience and reading the instructions - even though it's quite obvious =P

And Voila!

I'm liking the diffuser A LOT! It's a perfect room freshener, lasts a long time & there's no need to keep an eye on open lit flames.
Having said that, I still prefer candles more, because it brings more warmth and I just like watching it light up and counting down the time it takes to burn out slowly. So candles are still my favourite room scents.

However, back to the diffuser!

This took a while to scent the room, mainly due to the sticks absorbing the oil. Once they were saturated in oil, the entire room smelt wonderful. It's a nice welcome to step into a well scented room after a long day (I've been having loads of stressful long days, so this has definitely helped with cheering me up!).
One thing I didn't quite like about it though is the scent itself. On some notes, I smell something like coconut & floral (??), which I found suffocating, even though the composition is a tiny percent. I'd say the overall scent is what I'd describe as exotic, somewhat like candy, somewhat like I don't mind it at all, but I'm sure there are better scents out there!


Then I got this shower gel. I think it was under £2, so I thought why not try something non-Lush...just for a change =P

Flicking through the Avon magazine, I noticed...

...these Modesty Panels!

I have blogged about them before (around the summer months I think?). And at the time, these weren't popular. So I was so surprised to see these in Avon's catalogue.
Yes to Modesty! =D
Although, for me personally, the modesty panels are still too low cut - but it's a good step forward hopefully for those people who choose to wear them ^.^

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