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Friday, 18 March 2011

Clinique's Moisture Surge

A few months back, I said I'd blog about some of the Clinique products I use. I never got round to blogging about it. -.-

So I decided to blog about Clinique's Moisture Surge to begin with; one of the reasons being Glamour magazine has a free sample size version of it (featured below). So keep a look out for it if you plan to get it ^.^

Clinique has been my facial care routine for 9 years now (unbelievably!). I can't see that changing. Their products can be amazing and deliver truly satisfying results.

I use Moisture Surge once or twice a day. Whenever I feel my skin needs it really.

The Spray version

Before the gel-like Moisture Surge came out, I was using this spray. I got it as a sample initially and I was convinced from the first application that this was going to be a staple product. The spray is less concentrated than the gel - so you might need top ups. For that reason I much prefer the gel. Although I did miss spraying this on!

The Gel-like version

Only a pea size amount is needed to apply to your entire face. It takes about 10-15 minutes to fully absorb.

It has an almost gel-like texture, which helps to keep the mixture cool. A few Clinique staff have actually advised me to put this in the fridge to make it even cooler - I have yet to do that!

I don't wear any foundation so I haven't tested applying this over makeup. As the instruction says, this should be fine to use under or over make-up - how convenient! =P

I think the instruction '5 minute moisture mask' (below) can be a bit misleading as some people might think it needs to be washed off - it doesn't!

The Results?

I always look forward to that cooling feeling it brings upon application. It makes your face look more lively, dewy/almost golden - in a good way (not oily!) and healthier. It moisturises your skin without the greasiness some moisturisers and face creams bring.

It really is a cure for thirst for all skin types.

One jar can last up to a year if you use it sparingly. That's how long I've managed to make my previous jar last. The price is £30 or below, which I think is very reasonable - in terms of how long it lasts and delivering what it promises.

Maybe that's why I can't seem to find any more of these in Glamour magazines........!


Misha said...

Oh wow, I think I need to try this. Reading your blog is not too good for my wallet ;)

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

-.- haha... i know!
but i can't stop recommending some of the best things out there to all of you =P lol!

Anna Woodward said...

Clinique products are my favorite and i am using its gel version. Will rate it best moisturizer ever.

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